Liberty's Fete



  • Old Gnome of the Sea (surviving)
  • Ana the Tiny Halfling (surviving)
  • mildur – female human
  • drisca- female gnome – humorless
  • tamas – human male -blonde, good looking, "Wolftatta"? name of dog companion
  • Garge – half elven, grey eyes, speaks with an affected accent, woodcutters axe, might've been wealthy, doesn't talk about her past
  • Ben – human commoner, knows draconic, mother made friends with a drake
  • Key -human female
  • Olor – male elf, sullen, master carpenter
  • 7 mercenaries

Signal system: 3 flares = S.O.S, fly towards the flares immediately.  2 flares = flee your position.  1 flare = we are coming to you, make ready to depart.

Liberty's Fete

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