Character Quest: Zaire

Discover the present-day status of the Imperatur and return its descendants to glory.


  • Travel to the Elemental Plane of Fire to investigate the vision Zaire received from his wish (two stallites burned, Sultan beseeched an efreet with had outstretched, a dome covered the city, saw the palace of brass in the plane of fire).
  • Investigate the Zhentarim, whose leader appears to have some familiarity with Shallam.
  • Research texts written by giants—their civilization was in its high period pre-DR.  Can also research the Khalim or Alm civiliations—the oldest human societies in Faerun.
  • A dwarven kingdom in tessaril, south of Arabel has a memorial of dwarven wars with the giants.

Old notes:

shadow lords and dragons obliterated sembia—fell cities over the sea of fallen stars heading towards the dale themselves.  nitherete old magic, came over the gromyr mountains north of cormyr.  black-clad mercenaries—Zhentarim.  —one in arkham ridge.  can be found in big cities—mostly in cormyr.  battle of oakenridge opened the area.  floating city over sembia's capital.  fell out of the sky.  crashed into the capital.  fella with a cat helm.


Character Quest: Zaire

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